Calendar for Week of April 27

Sunday, April 27
No Sunday School
  8:00am  Holy Eucharist – Rev. Dr. Charles Hefling
  9:45am  Childcare
10:00am  Holy Eucharist – Rev. Dr. Charles Hefling
11:00am  Coffee
  4:00pm  Christ the King 
Monday,  April 28
  8:30am  Yoga
  8:00pm  AA (6:30 newcomers)
Thursday,  May 1
  9:30am  CTK – Chapter Rm
  6:30pm  Junior Choir
  7:30pm  Adult Choir
Friday May 2
  8:00am  Yoga
Saturday, May 3
  4:00pm  Recital – Parish Hall 
Sunday, May 4
  8:00am  Holy Eucharist
  9:45am  Childcare & Sunday School
10:00am  Holy Eucharist & Baptism
11:00am  Coffee  
11:15am  WSM Meeting
  4:00pm  Christ the King

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